OK, let’s try it

Thank you internet distraction!

I was watching a clip of Otis Redding at Monterey, which made me think of  Steve Cropper, which got me watching some interview videos.

This one stood out:

Aside from his seeming to be a really, really nice guy, I was struck by the history as he represents it, and it reminded me of something to which I’ve long paid attention:

We look back on the greats, and we think there was something divine in their path, some meant to be, some destiny. Yet, when they speak, you hear that they were just like you and I, they met failure, success and luck, and somehow through the decisions they made in each moment, and their willingness to just go with the flow, the seemingly-destined path emerged with each step.

At about 11 minutes, Cropper talks about how he first met Otis Redding. Ask yourself, honestly, would you have given the band’s driver the time of day when he asked if he could sing for you?

Then, towards the end, he describes a kid who approached the band and asked to play sax, even though he’d only been playing for 3 or 4 weeks. Again, ask yourself, would you have said yes or no? That kid’s mother owned a recording studio that would go on to become Stax records.

In each case, Cropper’s answer was: “OK, let’s try it.”

How often could you choose that answer instead of “No” or “it won’t work” or “I’m scared of that”?

I guess that’s my challenge to you

[and myself, of course]

to each moment with a lived attitude of  “OK, let’s try it” .


Vince Sig 131x89


All the fun…

All the fun…
Such big fish
such tiny ponds
eating each other
while blaming the other
These smallest ponds
don’t take
much ego
before seeking
Is this high school?
Surely not
So many years ago
why delude
my much aged
those hormones
no longer surge
nor course
through your body
You tin-pot
ivory tower
Take comfort
in your
You are no more
than you
deserve to be
We laugh
at your

The growth of the jam

If soloists tried singing and accompanying themselves
on their own songs
and singer songwriters tried soloing
along with others’ voice
then when the jam came
they would know to throw to a solo
let it build to a climax
they would know when to vamp
and when simply NOT to play
This is how we listen to each other
This is how we make each other shine
This is the growth of the jam

Face The Truth – Live 7-1-15

I wrote Face The Truth in 1990, partly in support of gay friends and media attitudes, mostly as an intravert’s lament that people just “leave me alone”

[a theme also captured in Truth Told (Brutal) – not that I was keeping anything back from someone at the time, you understand ;) ]

and definitely as recognition of others’ reaction to my own artistic weirdness.

I never performed Face The Truth live until last night at Common Ground Open Mic

[and, truthfully, don’t know that I’ll play it live again]

and I’m pleased to offer this 25-yr old song in support of friends I know, and those I have yet to meet, who are now a little more free to love without condemnation.


If he doesn’t hurt you
Why do you intrude?
If he doesn’t cause you pain
by just trying to be happy?

The world just keeps on piling
more problems into his life
And the floating doesn’t come easy
When he finds waves his only view

He’s just a normal man
and he’s getting pleasure
in what ways he can
He’s just a normal man
And he’s not like you
Can’t you face the truth?

You take your moral standpoint
and you ram it down his throat
When all the time it’s just your insecurity
that makes you fear what you don’t know

Can’t you see he’s hurting no-one?
It’s a private affair, not any of your care
You are the intrusion
Can’t you just let him be?

He’s just a normal man
and he’s getting pleasure
in what ways he can
He’s just a normal man
And he’s not like you
Can’t you face the truth?

And if he doesn’t hurt you
why do you intrude?

Want to get things done?

In my other life, I’m very happy to be a consultant and coach to some cool clients

[any chance I get to help people, teams and organizations get better at what they do, I’ll take it!]

Much of my work is face-to-face, and video/tele-con based, though I also get my fair share of off-line stuff to do. For the past little while, I’ve been using Writers Flow – Music For Writing as a musical backdrop to my working hours

[as well as for writing, its specific intended use]

and can confirm that it’s really, really good for that too!

I just sent out a revised statement of work, written and finalized while Old Soul played in the background

[in fact, it’s just coming to an end as I write this]

and the time and thoughts just flew – it’s a fascinating feeling to fall into sub-conscious thought so easily, connecting dots and advancing ideas so cleanly. Long may it continue!

Fancy getting yourself 75 minutes of focus and productivity?

Buy Writers Flow


Vince Sig 131x89

Snippet 6/17/2015

Talk to me about divinity
I’ve seen more honour
in a single drop of blood
for the cause of care
of unquestioning
the greater of ourselves

Turquoise Cyan Sapphire Working Mixes

Since the release of Grope, I’ve been working pretty solidly on the follow-up, Turquoise Cyan Sapphire

[although I did take a little detour into Writers Flow – Music For Writing along the way]

I’m really pleased with how the 10 tracks are shaping up and, barring last minute production rethinks

[I don’t think there’ll be any, but you never know]

I’m pleased to be moving into final mixing.

My Facebook followers have been getting links to rough mixes for the last few weeks and I decided to make that more formal by officially compiling a playlist where I’ll keep the latest mix ahead of closing the project and sending it off to mastering:

It’s the first time I’ve been so transparent about the mixing phase, and I’ve got to say it’s a bittersweet decision – driven by a brutal look in the mirror of commercial realities for independent musicians.

I’ll be writing more about where I’m at, but here’s the skinny: people don’t buy music, so why pretend that’s still the model to follow when it comes to my own records? I wish it were otherwise, but it isn’t – so I’d rather not lie to myself

[delusion has never been a comfortable cloak for me to wear]

So, listen away – there’s a tip-jar up there at the top of the page if you want to say thank you – and links to the records if you still want to do the decent thing and buy a copy

[as I do, because #IBuyMusic]

I will, of course, be writing more about Turquoise Cyan Sapphire as I approach release date, and hope you’ll stick with me through the process.


Vince Sig 131x89


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