NOTE: Links below will take you to Paperback and/or Kindle version of my books. If you would like non-Kindle eBook format, please contact me directly, as I’m in the middle of migrating to a different host. Many thanks -Vince.

Buy Grope at GROPE – CD (2014)

Grope is a BritPop tour-de-force, brimming with hooks, melodies and all the hallmarks of a songwriter proud to represent his homeland tradition.

Buy Sparse and CD/Book combos at SPARSE – CD (2013)

Sparse is a collection of intimate and powerful acoustic songs. Buying through (click the image) gives you access to 3 bonus tracks. Also at Bandcamp, there are options for CD/Book combos. If I were buying my own stuff, THIS is where I’d buy it! (:o) BUY AT BANDCAMP

Buy Escalation at ‘ESCALATION – A Novel’ (2011)

Shocked by the violent beating of their popular high-school quarterback, a small New England town immediately calls for justice, and for police chief Jack Baker to restore order. Caught in the political spiral of the town elders, Baker has no choice but to place one of his most trusted officers, Charlene Goodlow, in the school. As Baker manages the ‘grown-ups’ of the town, Charlene’s long-buried high school anxieties return to gnaw at her and, increasingly isolated and frightened, she finds herself at the corner of a vicious triangle of lust and animosity. As the violence and tension escalate, she slips further down the rabbit-hole, until she is left with a teenage boy in the sights of her police issue revolver and the singular decision of whether or not she will pull the trigger. BUY AT AMAZON

Buy Family Rules at ‘FAMILY RULES – A Novel’ (2011)

Kenny is adrift in New York, tormented by the scars and memories of his unique upbringing as a child star in the UK, chasing any addiction that can fill the void he carries at his core. Until one night he is presented with an unexpected chance for redemption when, stealing a car from a gas station in New Jersey, he finds a child in the back seat. Family Rules is an intense personal account of an invented life, where all the norms of family are inverted, and of the damage done when the boundary between reality and television is truly no boundary at all. BUY AT AMAZON

Buy Karaoke Criminals at ‘KARAOKE CRIMINALS – A Novel’ (2006)

In Music, Musica, a karaoke bar on the Spanish riviera, Roxi will discover that her dreams could come true when mobster Brian Ferguson offers to hook her up with his connections back in London. With no idea of the price attached to this offer, Roxi is about to discover that making it isn’t just about talent. It’s about loyalty, commitment and an ever-increasing body count. Is fame really worth this? BUY AT AMAZON

Buy Do Sparrows Eat Butterflies? at ‘DO SPARROWS EAT BUTTERFLIES? – A Novel’ (2003)

In a moving tale of one man’s search for meaning in an increasingly lonely and depressing life, a washed up seaside painter embarks on a journey that will change him forever. As his unusual, traumatic rebirth unfolds, Ray discovers the horror of an inferno he has denied for years. To save the love that can provide true meaning in his life, he has no choice but to answer that one, repeating question: do sparrows eat butterflies? BUY AT AMAZON

Buy Garbled Glittering Glamours at ‘GARBLED GLITTERING GLAMOURS – Words from 2010’ (2011)

Garbled Glittering Glamours is a collection of poetry, often written in response to prompts from readers, and published at and elsewhere in 2010. BUY AT AMAZON

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