asked me to describe the scariest moment in my life — from a third-person perspective.

Vince is with his wife in the delivery room for his first child. The labour, induced, has been going on for nearly 36 hours. The pain relief that was introduced 24 hours earlier and which never connected has left his wife feeling every piece of the pain – the anesthesiologist has steadfastly refused to re-site the epidural, and the dose of painkiller is only a couple of steps below morphine. She is beyond consolation or comfort.

The baby is stuck in the birth canal and not moving.

Vince's love and soon-to-be new love are in pain and trauma – and he can do NOTHING to help. He is powerless to make this better. With his wife and the midwife focused on getting through, he is alone in this darkened, over-hot room, doing whatever he's told to do and whatever he can. For now, he's been ordered to watch the printout of the contractions, so he can be ready to help his wife through each one.

He's scared. Scared he might lose his wife. Scared he might lose the baby.

He sits and watches life print out on the ticker-tape of this experience.