Stevie Ray Vaughan asked me what was the best advice I ever received.

There are two that come to mind, but this says 'best', so I guess I'll have to choose one.

As a writer and gigging musician, the best advice I ever received was from a friend, mentor and colleague, Dermott O'Callaghan, who stopped me dead one day when I was discussing playing with the band. He simply said: "Where's the audience, Vince? You haven't mentioned the audience."

The conversation that ensued really got me to the first stage of reassessing why I do what I do and how I want to make an impact. Over the years, building from that day, I have come to realize that art isn't produced for the satisfaction of either the artist or the audience, art is what is generated in the connection between.

I have Dermott to thank for that insight and advice, which is in every word I write and every song I sing.

Thanks, Dermott!


ps: I'm on a Stevie binge at the moment – the musician I've felt most connected to through his music!