asked me what's my favorite quote, and why?

There are many, but the one I'll choose here is:

"I could give a fig about the simplicity on this side of complexity, but I would give my right arm for the simplicity on the far side of complexity"

It's attributed to various sources, but I believe it's Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr – the supreme court justice.

Why? Well, it speaks to my writing, music and professional history – all of which I have been doing long enough now to understand how unnecessarily complex I'd been making things. Whether it was writing to impress writers (rather than affect audiences), singing songs with no recognizable hook, or trying to simplify the madness most people work in every day – it was always a case of too, too much. In the last decade, though, as I've worked on the advice I received (see earlier posts), I've been pushing hard to simplify my connection.

And it's worked so far.

But I wonder if I would have the confidence and self-assurance to be this way without having tested my craft on the over-heavy work I did when younger. I think not.

Hence the Holmes quote (and yes, I would give my right arm for the me who's writing now :o)