A Fly on the Wall

Plinky.com told me I'm a fly on the wall at my own funeral and asked what people are saying about me.

"I'm going to miss the old…"

"Old what?"

"Sorry, I was distracted."

"Emotion getting the better of you?"

"Nah… There's a fly in here. I can't believe it's that unsanitary."

"Yeah, you'd think they'd have something in the air conditioning, or a bug zapper or something, right?"

"Have you got one of those hymnals?"


"The pamphlets with the songs in."

"Oh… Yeah, here you go."

"Thanks. Now…"

"Crikey, what I wouldn't do to have Mr Miaggi here with his chopsticks."

"Wait… Come to Mama, Mr Fly…"


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