OK. Here’s the deal. There’s way, way, way too much information flying about that other people want you to believe is important. From politics, to marketing, to scandal, to religiosity, to… Well, just to ‘too’.

Don’t ever be deceived, every piece of information in the world is placed somewhere by a person who has a vested interest in making it available.

For example, I have a vested interest in posting this.

It is in my interest to state cognitively for myself that something is not worth paying any attention to – this little exercise in naming and moving on is healthy for me. It is also an investment in my future that I may help you reflect on something and make a decision for yourself. That is part of building trust with each other.

As this series of posts grows, I hope someday to be able to declare ‘Not News’ about something that you are hooked on, but that you know has no value for you

[like reality television, or Lindsey Lohan’s latest fall from dubious grace]

So, without further ado, today’s ‘Not News’ is:

Apple’s iPhone 4 Antenna Woes

Summary: the new iPhone, if held in a particular way, drops reception. It seems to affect left-handers moreso than right and can be fixed by putting the phone in a case or a barrier (such as duct tape) on one corner of the phone. Apple have addressed complaints by offering a free case to all purchasers of an iPhone 4 pending a technical fix.

That’s the story, done and dusted. It wasn’t important at the start and it isn’t important at the end. I summarised and detailed it in 63 words. It would fit in two tweets.

Google ‘Apple iPhone antenna’ and you get 20,700,000 results. That’s just insane.

So, I’m officially declaring “Apple’s iPhone 4 Antenna Woes” as ‘Not News’ – feel free to ignore it from here on.