A script for too many arguments I lived over the past decade

My Eyes Are Set On Freedom #Iranelection

Plinky.com asked me to fictionalize a real argument you've had, writing only in dialogue.

"I'm right."

"No, you're not."

"Yes, I am, here's the data to back it up."

"You're still not right."

"Yes, I am – I think you just don't want to hear the truth."

"I didn't get to be a SVP of HR by listening to the truth."

"Doesn't mean I'm wrong."

"Yes, it does – because it's your fault I don't want to hear the truth. You haven't prepared the ground enough."

"What, the ground you hired me to cover?"

"Yeah, that'd be it."

"So, there's nothing I can do, because you really hired me to do something that you didn't want me to do?"

"That's about it."

"See, I WAS telling the truth all along – Byeee!"



"Vince? Where have you gone?"


"Vince? Wait… What? What do you mean he left the company?"

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