Surviving a different life without the internet

NodeXL Twitter Network Graphs: Social CRM asked me if I could live without the internet for a month.

Well, I have to take that question on several levels. First and foremost – nuclear war, devastating hurricane, famine or flood – yes, the internet would be quickly erased from my existence and that would be fine, because survival would be everything.

Let us not consider that the luxury of an internet where we can play, connect, work and all the other things we are enabled to do is anything more than just that: a luxury. It is not oxygen, water or food.

Now, at the next level, could I live the life I have chosen without the expansive reach of the internet. Hmmm…

Print-on-demand books, online music repositories, facebook/myspace/reverbnation, musicians sourced online, software that I use in my consulting business, wikipedia, wiktionary, googlemaps, online investing…

The list does go on and on and on…

So, could I live without the internet for a month? Yes. Would I live a completely different life to that I lead today? Categorically, Yes.

Now, excuse me, but I have to post this to my blog, twitter and Plinky via the internet :o)

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