Crappy Beck’s beer asked me what was my favourite comfort food and why.

It would be too easy to say something obvious (and probably containing lots of sugar) but, for me, that's just not the case.

What is a comfort food? Something that you reach for when you're feeling down, hoping that it'll take you back up? Something that seems to take your mind of things for the moments when you're eating it? Something that gives you a dopamine rush, satisfying the reward centres in your brain while also suppressing those that signal threat?

All of the above, I guess.

And, if I'm honest, there isn't a food that satisfies all those descriptions. But there is beer. Or wine. Or spirits. Or… Well, you get the picture.

So, my comfort 'food' would be an alcoholic beverage, usually taken when I'm on my own – which is one of the reasons I'm seeking comfort, I guess.

Because I worry whether I am developing too regular a drinking habit – its impact on my health/weight and, more importantly, it stealing productive time when I could be writing and/or making music – I've had to come to an understanding of the cycle in which I turn.

If I don't create art, I feel down. If I feel down, I have a couple of drinks while I tune out. If I tune out, I find it difficult to overcome artistic inertia. If I find it difficult to overcome artistic inertia, I don't create art.

And again, and again, and…

I now break the cycle by consciously choosing to overcome artistic inertia, by – as Julia Cameron describes it in 'The Right to Write' – laying track. My daily writing at is part of that, as is my writing experiment to which I am returning in the next few weeks, as Family Rules gets concluded online ( ). And, of course, the daily practice of simply playing the guitar :o)

All of it, my conscious intervention in the cycle.

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