I thought I’d provide a little update here about progress with Family Rules.

By way of background, as a way to keep me focused on the re-drafting of my latest novel, I decided to publish it online chapter by chapter. Since March, I’ve published 31 chapters and we’re well into the flow of the story – so the aim of keeping me committed to re-drafting is holding up.

It’s also really great to get good feedback on the work and have folks signing up to receive update notes.

Even despite this, I was suprised and pleased when reviewing overall stats today – I don’t usually spend much time doing this – to find that overall, there have been nearly 7,000 views of Family Rules since March. That’s a quite amazing number – way more than I thought would come my way – and I’m humbled to have that many people swing by, even if they’re just passing through.

I’m looking forward to telling the rest of the story – as with each of my books, most notably Karaoke Criminals, re-drafting has let me fall a little bit in love with the story again. I’m enjoying tightening and focusing Family Rules and making the end as good as it has the potential to be is very, very exciting.

If you read anything I post, thank you – you have my love.