Got to see this film on the plane back to US yesterday. Released in April 2010, I hadn’t heard of it until I spotted it in the Virgin Atlantic in-flight entertainment magazine

[where, surprisingly, every film got rave reviews]

Something about the set-up and flavour of the film appealed to me, so I settled in to watch.

This is such a stripped-down, taut thriller. The word ‘lean’ gets used in every review I’ve read since getting home – and it’s absolutely the case. This is precisely done stuff. While there is violence and language, it’s necessary to slam home the story, and doesn’t ever become gratuitous.

Two guys kidnap a girl and hold her for ransom. Things go awry. That’s it.

A film set in precisely four locations. Three actors. Who turn in stunning performances.

It’s fantastic.

It being a Brit independent movie, it bears reference points to several films, but overall the two that I’ve been thinking of – both debut features for the director, as is ‘The Disappearance of…’ – are the first ‘Hellraiser’ and, most closely in feel, Danny Boyle’s ‘Shallow Grave‘. If you liked either of those films, you’ll love this one.

I won’t say anything more about the story or film because it’ll ruin your enjoyment – but if you do get chance, see this movie!