Well, I didn’t expect to write two of these back to back, but I guess I was lucky to see a couple of great movies in a couple of days!

First a little bit of background. Jane

[aka GLW – Good Lady Wife]

and I share similar tastes in many things artistic, however when it comes to books and, particularly, films we tend to diverge. As I’ve been an avid movie fan since an early age, I still get a buzz from seeing a great film – especially if it’s on a big screen. The upshot of all this is that we’ll often end up in that strange place of me saying, “hmmm… that looks like an interesting film” and GLW just shrugging her lack of any interest in going to see it. Which is fine – it’s good to be different.

But what it does mean is that whenever I’m stuck on my own – traveling on business or when GLW is out – I usually head out to the cinema or video store to catch up on all the films I’ve missed.

In this spirit, on the flight back from the UK, I’d finally got around to seeing Shutter IslandMartin Scorcese‘s film noir. It was a good movie though, for me, not a great movie – something about the emotion didn’t hit me at my viscera – it was beautifully shot, well performed, etc. but it just didn’t hook.

[btw – I’d invested in a set of Beats headphones in the duty free and they really helped with the in-flight entertainment – always have good headphones with you if you want to watch anything on a plane!]

Part of that was down to Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s a great actor and turns in riveting performances, but I always end up – as I do with Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt – finding myself about halfway through a movie thinking “wow, he’s a really good actor” – and that very act breaks through the suspension of disbelief that it takes to exist in a movie. Nothing wrong with the performances, just that sense of stepping out to observe the observing.

Having enjoyed Shutter Island well enough, and knowing the girls weren’t back until today, I decided to head out to the cinema last night to see Inception – another Leo vehicle, with a twist-and-turn plot. I was a little hesitant given Shutter Island but I’d read some reviews of Inception that just raved and I knew enough to know that a) this was a movie akin to The Matrix in its distortion of reality; and b) because of that I shouldn’t read any more reviews!

Simply put, the less you read about Inception before seeing it, the better. I’m not going to put your enjoyment at risk here by revealing plot elements. But as reference points, if you enjoyed The Matrix, Vanilla Sky, Mulholland Drive, Memento, Fight Club and other mind-bending stories, then you’ll really like this one – Christopher Nolan has written and directed a magnificent movie.

And who knew, I only fell into “wow, he’s a really good actor” once or twice, which I guess shows just how good the movie is!

And, though I often don’t say this because of the cost involved, I think this is one that you do want to try to see on the big screen – there’s some incredible cinematography, CGI, etc. going on in this film that’s worth the extra cost

[and anyway, if you don’t buy popcorn and drinks, that’ll drop the price by two-thirds :o) ]

Inception. Excellent movie – and one I’ll be seeing again several times.