45/365 (All You Need Is Love)

Plinky.com asked me to share one thing that I learned recently.

There are big things I learn, little things I learn and many things it seems I have to re-learn (over and over and over and over again).

My Dad is in hospital at the moment, on a very long road to recovery, and still a long way from being beyond serious complications. It's been nearly three months since he went into hospital, and those weeks have been filled with worry, fear, grief and, thankfully, love.

So, my re-learning is ages-old, and has become very real for me this year.

Very little of what we tie ourselves up in knots about day-to-day really counts for anything at all. We are born and die alone, but in between those two poles, we have a chance to give and receive love.

That's what I've learnt these past weeks and months…

All you need is love – love is all you need.

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