A spiral galaxy 12 million light years from Earth in the constellation Hydra

Plinky.com asked me to describe my dream home… house, location and grounds.

Home is where my heart can be full and free. Home is where my family is at any given time. Home is where I am me without any layer of social contortions. Home is my center, length, depth and width. Home is my kids' laughter, like rippling water over stones. Home is deep in the eyes of my beloved.

House is irrelevant, though rooms are important. These rooms have no walls, no doors, no floors – they are spaces where home comes to life. There are rooms for music, rooms for writing, rooms for painting, rooms for silence, rooms for celebration, rooms for all the world to love without fear, rooms for peace.

Location is expanding. Location is viral. Location is everywhere. Location is nowhere.

Grounds? There is only one ground I need. Love, peace, trust.

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