new york taxis asked me to describe the one who got away.

Each of my stories has a personality, largely encapsulated in the lead character(s), so the answer to this prompt is a story which got away before I could land it.

"Taxi Driver" (a working title, not a nod to Scorcese) was a novel that I got about 80 pages or so into writing before I drifted elsewhere – the elsewhere in question being what became my first published novel "Do Sparrows Eat Butterflies?"

"Taxi Driver" was generated from a series of incredibly detailed and vivid dreams I'd been having. Even now – over 15 years later, I can clearly see the specific imagery of those dreams – they were, as often for me, cinematic in nature, multiple characters, camera angles, the works.

In "Taxi Driver", I had intended to chart one man's descent into madness (another unwitting connection to Scorcese), embedded within supernatural elements emerging as dream imagery. In the years since, such subject matter has been done so well in many movies, that I doubt I'll ever go back to "Taxi Driver" – it really is the one that got away.

That said, I might go and pull out the specific description of the dream to post as a vignette at so maybe it didn't get away after all…

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