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Plinky.com asked me what's more important, where you live or what you do for a living.

Hmmmm… Having written something extended about the nature of home just a few days ago, then you'd probably pre-guess my answer…

But I'll confound things again by saying neither of the above is truly important. Living, though… Now, that's a different thing.

A house is a house.

A job is a job.

Living is bringing all of your energy to your passions – hopefully – to make the world a better place (whether we like to believe it or not, very few people have a willful passion for damaging the world or other people).

I am saddened by a western mythology that your workplace defines you, that your wellness and worth is tied up and expressed in the label you've earned in the corporate morass. Honour, dignity, pride, valour, love – all have been subsumed and compromised in doing whatever it takes to climb the greasy totem pole.

This toxic excuse for self-identity.


Live well. Live fully. Live despite what you do for a living, regardless of where you live.


Live – who you are and how you live is the most important thing there is – develop love in both and the world will live with you.

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