When I look at me
I see all the things
I’ve once been
I was proud to say
I was young
But now my bones ache
and I don’t see too well
and you’ll have to say that again

Sit me down
Yes, it’s comfy like that
Please don’t worry
I don’t need another cushion
I’d much prefer
you to just listen
to my stories
I’ve lived a life
Full enough to share with you

Now the morning’s gone
and the afternoon sun
is fading
I am old now
but my soul is that
of the young man I was
And I would lay you flat
If I thought
you’d let your pity
overcome your love for me

Evening’s come
Close the curtains
Listen closely
for there’s something I have to say
before I go to bed
I’ve always loved you my child
From your first breath
to this last conversation
It’s time to say

(for Horace Coleman Underwood)