asked me to name a book I'd read that had a strong setting.

I'm getting bored of answering such prompts – they just don't float my boat.

So, I'll keep this short and sweet. In "The Stand", Stephen King created a classic post-apocalyptic world where good and evil could fight for the souls of the survivors.

The setting (or should that be settings) are realistic and memorable, but none moreso than the overarching, empty America he manages to capture, describe and bring to vivid life.

That this setting is ground for such beautiful characterization and gripping story just serves to reinforce its strength.

In my opinion, when he is at his best, Stephen King is one of the best writers of all time.

Other books that played in the post-apocalyptic space, and earned mention here:

1) The Road – Cormac McCarthy – bleak, bleak, bleak

2) Swan Song – Robert R McCammon – hope in the darkness

All right, I'm off to enjoy my Sunday – Plinky, please pull yourself together and get some more interesting prompts (for me, at least!)

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