What I’m Avoiding

I’ve got nothing.

Plinky.com asked me what I'm avoiding.

So, the second day of self-referential plinky prompts, laced with opportunity for narcissism or self-loathing – depending on my perception of the fullness of my glass.

Avoiding. Avoidance. A void dance.

Which void am I dancing on the edge of, acting as if it doesn't exist.

I'd ask whether avoidance was the same as denial, were I wiling to entertain the question. Or I could just deny my avoidance.



These prompts, they make me want to play on the fringe, spin out of orbit, connect with the lightest of touches – like opening the lid of a box only a sliver to check whether the cat is still alive.

In some parallel universe somewhere, every possibility of every past has happened, and every possible future has yet to play out. Meta-physically, the infinite me has done everything, thought everything, decided everything.

In those universes, I am filled with trepidation, regret and fulfillment all at the same time, all due to very similar sets of circumstances – the only difference being my anticipation of, or reaction to, events.

So when I consider the infinite me, I have avoided nothing, am avoiding nothing, and will avoid nothing – while at the same time, of course, I have avoided everything, am avoiding everything and will avoid everything.

In my present universe, however, the only thing I'm avoiding is answering this plinky prompt with a specific example.

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