Fido the Wonderdog

the superdog asked me to create a super-pet by combining any three animals.

I don't think it wants me to create a super-pet like Fido the Wonderdog – that can fly, and see through walls, right? Or maybe it does. Hmmmm….

Physical form of a medium-sized dog – let's say a chocolate labrador for sake of argument… No, a gun-dog – brown-spotted pointer. Yeah, like it.

Albatross wings… Large enough to support the weight of the dog. Let's make them speckled, so they match (very important in a Wonderdog).

And the third element – a dolphin's echo-location apparatus. Which can travel through objects (dolphins can spot fish buried in the sand using it, did you know?)

Put it together and we have Fido the Wonderdog who can fly and see through walls. Would I give him a cape? Probably not, but definitely a mask. And a utility belt.

Though I personally dislike them, it's kind of funny to picture Fido the Wonderdog as a chihuahua…

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