Pen and Paper asked me to brainstorm the plot for a novel.

But I'm on vacation.

And I'm currently publishing my third novel online while redrafting at (sign up for notifications of new chapters).

Alongside that, I'm working on three screenplays – two adaptations as well as an all knew story.

And besides, I never plot my novels – aside from the collision of a couple of ideas. I hold with Stephen King's view, a story is like a buried rock in a forest – you trip over it, start digging and, sometimes, it's nothing more than a stone, sometimes it's a boulder, but every so often, it's an archeological find – a Mayan temple, perhaps, or Egyptian sepulcher. When that happens, I just keep digging.

I choose to discover stories. To let them flow through me.

So, I won't brainstorm the plot. I'll just ask the question:

I wonder what would happen if … ?

Yes, that's all the brainstorming I need.

See you on the page –


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