nothing asked me, if I could take back something I did to someone, what it would be.


Have I done things that upset people? Undoubtedly. Have I done things that have hurt people? I’m sure. Have I done things that have changed someone’s circumstances or the course of their life? Maybe.

Do I regret any of them?


Here’s why. I am who I am – the shape of me, the sense of me – due to the events and experiences of my life, which have built upon my fundamental DNA to make me the me who is writing this.

[and I have explained in a previous post that there are infinite me’s in infinite universes who have a infinitely different shapes and senses: ]

And, if I accept that others are shaped in similar manner, then I can regret nothing, because it’s the way things needed to be to evolve the reality they’re living now – and my actions upon others have similarly shaped the reality I’m living right now.

The wholeness of who I am draws upon happiness, sadness, poignancy, excitement and a host of other emotions. I regret none of what has been poured into this shell. Or of what I have, wittingly or unwittingly, poured into another’s.

But, if you’re reading this and think that there is something I should regret then I understand. And if you need to hear me say it, I’m sorry. I love you and I’m sorry. I can’t promise to never make a mistake again, but I’ll try to live without causing you pain.

And, now that we’ve had that discussion, let’s go live life like there’s no tomorrow, no yesterday, knowing that while we’ll undoubtedly hurt each other, we have it in us to forgive and forget.

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