Two Kids, boy and girl (Trysta), Watch the Parade, Covering Ears from Noise from a Band asked me to write a fictional dialogue based on a photo of people. I chose one from a random search for ‘two kids’.

“It’s cold.”

“It’s always cold.”

“Always was.”

“You got that right. Remember the parades, when they used to drag the whole shindig right through the middle of downtown?”


“They were loud, right? Always loud. Banging and crashing. Remember the cheerleaders? High-kicking and twirling but…”

“… their eyes, right?”

“Yeah, their eyes.”

“Used to make my skin crawl a little bit. Did I ever tell you I wanted to be a cheerleader when I grew up.”

“Nope. Did you?”

“Nah, things… Well… Things never turn out like they do in your dreams… Real life just plain gets in the way.”

“Wasn’t the post office over there?”

“Yeah. Next to the bank. They tore it down about fifteen years ago, as I recall.”

“Long time… Long…”

“It’s been too long. How did we ever lose touch? Seemed like we lived in each others’ pockets for so long, all our childhood and then… How did it happen?”

“I think it was when we stopped coming to the parades. When the heart went out of this town. When… I don’t know… When our hearts went elsewhere…”

“Sad day.”


“Still, nice to be back here again… Remember how loud the parades used to be? I had to cover my ears to block the noise.”

“Loud. Sure. Remember the cheerleaders?”

“Hey, let’s not, OK?”

“Works for me.”

“Now, come over here and give me a hug, it’s too cold to sit all alone any longer.”


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