Cantankerous asked me to list my 10 best qualities. As I explained before – @ – I’m tired of labelling prompts, so I was immediately cantankerous on reading this one. To celebrate my cantankerosity

[made up words are cool]

I will now flesh out the other nine with random words, thoughts and concepts.

Over-rated in my book, though useful when in hospital recovering from motorcycle accidents.

Coy Carp
Very pretty. Make a sucking noise when they eat at the surface of the pond.

Fantastic word to say. Even better when pronounced in Scottish.

Oozy, odiferous unguant.

Stock market
Roller-coaster for dummies

Great movie, better with each viewing – Kevin Spacey is outstanding

Lost dwarf
Imagine that… left on the cutting room floor, knowing that you were the one that Snow White really had a thing for… Hollywood sucks…

Is helping with my aching back.

Ten doesn’t exist, 0-9 do.

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