I finally decided to try out Netflix and have signed up for a trial month. I can already tell you that I’ll be keeping the service. I’ve watched several movies already and have many more in the queue.

The clincher in trying it out was the idea of using our Wii as a channel for streaming Netflix – I signed up partly because I was intrigued to try it. Here’s the news – it works really, really well. My on-demand queue, selected at leisure on my laptop, shows up on the Wii screen and is easily navigated with the remote. It even remembers if you’ve already watched some of the movie and asks if you want to restart from the same point. Not exactly HD, but good enough for my tastes.

But enough of the method.

My film recommendation this week is a small independent film: Ink.

I’m not going to write much as I don’t want to spoil the story. All I will say is that this film is akin to The Matrix, Inception, Memento, Mulholland Drive

[if you read my Film Recommendation 2: Inception, you’ll know about the sort of movies I like]

and has, within the clothing of science fiction fantasy, a remarkably human story, similar in many ways to Greek fables

[though I may be thinking that because I’ve been playing God of War on my PSP recently]

Dealing as it does with love, redemption, connection, dreams and stories – this film was always likely to hook me at a very visceral level. It did not disappoint. I found myself in tears many times – at small things and subtle interconnections.

Stylistically, it’s a film that relies a lot on camera treatments – almost too much, it runs the line very close as to whether it’s trying too hard – however, thankfully, it is held together by believable performances and precise plot, pace and revelations.

Some great imagery here too – made me think of Mulholland Drive, Hellraiser, Session 9, Pan’s Labyrinth among other films.

There’s quite an interesting story behind the film itself – no studio would pick it up and it went direct to web, where it gained groundswell, viral impact – this translated into subsequent DVD/Blu-Ray sales. Guess that shows how much the studios know, eh?

If you enjoyed any of the movies I mention here, then it’s a pretty fair bet that you’ll like Ink. Even if you don’t, maybe you will

[does that even make sense?]

Peace out.