asked me what name I would choose if I had my pick.

It's a simple answer to this one. The name I would choose is Vincent Tuckwood. Or, in other words, no I would not change my name.

Why? Well, that's simple too.

I am happy in the skin and identity I have – I have always been so, blessed with family and friends that love me for the who, how, why, what, and when of the me I am. And I have been similarly blessed with being able to love them right back.

The experiences that have shaped me have made me who I am – and they cared little for my name.

So, I am Vincent Tuckwood.

Though at various points, I have been V, Vin, Vinnie, Vinny, Vincenzo, Vince or Vincent.

Mostly now, I go by Vince, though people from different parts of my life experience refer to me by whatever I was called at the time – which can be a trip because it places people so clearly in time and place for me.

All said and done, though, I'm happy being me. Vincent Tuckwood.

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