Stereotypical french from Helsingborgs Dagblad asked me what's my favourite cliché.

[though, actually, they spelled it without the 'u' in favourite – ah, the joys of two cultures separated by a common language]

I guess my favourite clichés would have to be the world-view of nationalities.

Be it the humourless Germans.

The contrarian, amorous French.

The tweed-set, ever-polite British.

The 'fair dinkum' Aussies.

The 'everything is bigger' Texans

[who think of themselves as a nation, so yes they do belong in this list]

The overweight, obnoxious, over-loud American tourists

And on, and on, and on – these societal shorthand stereotypes.

As a friend of mine once said, a stereotype is a stereotype because, once you look past political correctness, there's much truth to the depiction. Well, actually, he didn't say that – what he actually said was "I call them fat Americans because they ARE fat".

Why are they my favourite clichés? IDK,

[that one is for you, Fishofgold]

it's because armed with the stereotype it's fun to discover each individual within the whole; where they do and, more importantly, do not conform to the stereotype.


[two L's]

in the variance is one of the true joys of life.

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