West Texas Rain Shower

Plinky.com asked me to write a 100-word story using these words: envy, manatees and Texas.

Texas rolled before us like a cloud spreading across the sky; this road, this long, long road. I glanced across at her, feeling that familiar envy.

"Is that a vest?" I asked.

"Nah, man… A Tee."

"Oh…" I stared at Texas and bit down my anger, "that's nice. Is that a dolphin?"

"Huh? How could you think it's a dolphin, dipshit?"

"I don't know, you always seem to… to… Well, you get that stuff… the environment…"

"It's a manatee. A manatee."

"Oh… Manatees."

She stared at Texas. I stared at Texas.

In this dry land, the water of the everglades seemed a world away.

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