asked me if my life were a movie, which it would be and why?

I lost 2 decades of my life to corporate conformity – they were good years, frustrating years, productive years.

As I've posted before, I have no regrets – .

But they were also years where I lost contact with what, and who, I'm naturally built to be – this storytelling, musical, philosophical nut-job. Over those years, I buried that little Vince deep in the fabric of my body, protecting him, but swallowing down every threat to him, until it was armour; surrounding, encasing.

He was safe, but he was confined.

Last year, when I finally began to release the armour

[and, didn't that feel like a red pill moment – I was close to choosing The Matrix here]

I started walking a journey back into myself, into love and the freedom of potential.

You may not have heard of 'Ink' – but if you liked The Matrix, or Pan's Labyrinth even a little, then you need to see Ink.

As we journey, many paths we choose can lead to the destruction of ourselves and those we love. Sometimes, we must still choose those paths in order to learn. But hopefully, our learning brings us back to an aligned self, love and connection.

I am blessed to have welcomed myself back from myself.

More about Ink at

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