[Tom Waits] Mule Variation

Plinky.com asked me to write a story about myself, told from my neighbour’s perspective.

[with a nod to Tom Waits – http://www.purelyrics.com/index.php?lyrics=uiawnnxj ]

What’s he doing in there?
I haven’t seen him
for days
All I get is rumbling
seismic sonic haze

What’s he doing in there?
Lighted upstairs window
That should be a bedroom, no?
Who could sleep
while lights blaze full?

What’s he doing now?
Out there on a cell phone
while his kids
ride wild scooters
laughing up the day

Where’s he going now?
Out the garage
at full speed
He’s got intent
this odd-shaped man

What is that he’s saying?
How am I?
How do you think?
Enigmatic English-men
leave only questions

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