Uniformed Letter Carrier with Child in Mailbag

Plinky.com asked me what I miss most about childhood.

Oh dear. Here we go again.

Nothing. I just don't have a yearning to revisit the past, or a need to avoid or deny something happening in my present.

I had a glorious childhood. Great teenage years. And adult life leaves me happy, fulfilled, learning and growing. Were there bad things? Sure, and I am who I am today thanks to them. Are there bad things now? Sure, and I'm growing through them.

I love my memories. They are warm coals in the grate, and I can draw near to them whenever I want. I love the people I have travelled with, and who have chosen to share themselves with me.

The child me is now the adult me; but in my DNA and my synapses, the child me is still the child me. He's making music, he's writing, he's enjoying the work in his new business.

This me is both adult and child; indivisible, at unity.

This Vince.

He knows that humans habitually remember the past as being better (or worse) than it actually was.

He knows that longing for the past steals opportunity from before his eyes.

He knows that worrying about the future saps the present of its potential.

If a memory were so great as to truly overshadow the joy of now, then he'd very quickly organize his world to create that feeling.

People who are no longer here? Of course I'd want them back. But that's not childhood, it's mortality and loss. I have hugs and kisses for all those I've lost – and can share them in memory – but I have just as many for those I'm with and those I've yet to meet.



Love your memory

Accept the you that was

Yet know

Your now will become

your was

Is your is

all the was

you'd have it become?

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