Moon Dreams asked me whether I would go on a free trip to the moon if it were offered.



The question here asked why I might not choose to go. And I can't think of a single reason.

[unless of course, it were some dodgy geezer in a pub offering me the ride to the moon – it'd have to be strictly legit, NASA-grade before I would say yes]

Simply to escape Earth's atmosphere and look back at the planet – to see that wondrous context to our isolation and togetherness, the glorious summation of accidents across billions of years that put life on this hunk of rock with its molten core.

And then, the moon. Cold, fragile – dark or burning bright. Desolate. Just to stand in that other place, that smallest step out into our universe.


What possible reason could anyone have to say no to a legitimate offer for a free ride to the moon?

Just a little taste:

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