asked me what is my greatest achievement.

Being a biological organism, my greatest achievement is that I have extended my gene pool to the next generation, and that it looks like those genes will survive to pass through to the next generation.

Anything else (career, contribution, community, materialism) is human conceit. Our purpose in life is to ensure continuation of our gene pool.

Though that's not necessarily accurate.

If I hadn't had great upbringing within my own family, I wouldn't have navigated the twists and turns of life to end up at this point (which isn't good or bad, it's just what is – )

My greatest achievement is to build upon the legacy of my ancestors' learning.

If I hadn't gained education, I would not have progressed through life on the same path.

My greatest achievement was a full and successful lifelong will to learn.

If I hadn't had the career I've had, I wouldn't be able to provide materially for our family's life.

My greatest achievement is to grow a career doing work I love.

If I hadn't met, married and mated with my beautiful wife, I wouldn't have such a strong foundation for my family to grow from.

My greatest achievement is to have won the love of my wife.

All of the above leads to my first paragraph, which in softer terms means the two beautiful, funny, resilient girls that awake in this house each morning, slowly coming into their full energy; the calm before the joyous storm. These girls, they are walking their own paths and I'm confident that they will grow into rounded, fulfilled and resplendent adults who will, in turn, build open futures for my grand-kids.

From my ancestors to my legacy, my greatest achievement is to have been in the flow of life and to know love for my family.

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