Blog posts of morality
Parental logic
and hand-me-down

Do this do that
What I say, not
what you see me do
Be who I am  

Your free expression
is constrained
from day one unless

You realize
the words you choose
to place in your mouth
are yours

So if you want
to say ‘Fuck’
whenever the moment
feels right

Go ahead and sing
Shout it
from roof-tops
through megaphones

Your words are yours
Use them how you will
humour or anger
sadness or boredom

But never in laziness
You lower yourself
when you choose easy-outs

Speak, yes speak
and do me a favour
Watch close for reactions
raised eyebrows, clenched jaw

If the words you choose
upset another
be willing to consider

Be willing to consider
though not your aim
that your expression
can hurt someone

though it’s often a matter
of impact
over intent
some words can cut

Your words are yours
Use them as you will
They are more than words
Your words are you

They are your act
your decision
Your choices
You in the world

They are who you are
In the practices
speaking, writing
be yourself

Know what you’re saying
Know what is heard
Know what you mean
Know you’re your words

Then if it’s still OK
Say ‘Fuck’ all you want
I’ll love you for caring
to care what you say

[For E&K – A little reminder to myself, that they will
discover the world for themselves and not
through my own filtered experience]