asked me which celebrity I would like to be for a day.

Well… Erm… It depends which day, doesn't it?

I could be Obama (does that count as celebrity?) on a Sunday when nothing's happening and he's spending time with his family but… I already do that.

I could be Bono, Peter Buck, Neil Finn when they're noodling ideas on the guitar but… I already do that.

I could be Stephen King, in solitary confinement writing another story that demands to be told but… I already do that.

On most days, I could be… but… I already do that.

Maybe there are days when I would want to be those people. Changing the world for the better. Performing to thousands of people, connected through music. Sharing my stories with millions of people.

Those would be days that I don't have at the moment.

And if I yearn for such days, it's simply because I know the amount of work I'm undertaking to achieve my own such days.

The work is hard. The work is necessary. The work is me.

So, which celebrity would I like to be for a day?

No. Let me re-phrase the question.

Which celebrity will I be for a day?

Me. When I've earned the right to connect with an audience that shares my concerns, mind-set and will to be a force for positive evolution in what it means to be fully alive.

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