Plinky.com asked me what I would invent, if I could invent anything.

That got me thinking. I would guess it would have to be an airborne happiness virus. The components would be:

1) Honest self-awareness

2) Connected belonging

3) Joy in doing and being

Honest self-awareness so that we don't move situations towards outcomes that we don't really want and that hinder our own full being in the world. Honest self-awareness that doesn't pursue meaningless ideals of perfection but instead knows just what is 'enough' for a happy life.

Connected belonging is experiencing the flow and energy of fully-reciprocated love with all things, human or otherwise.

Joy in doing and being is bringing your full potential into realization, measured only by the yardstick of bringing joy to yourself and others. It is producing art, craft, or corporate day-to-day that isn't a compromise, isn't a round hole into which you're squeezing your beyond-square shape.

Why an airborne virus? Because it can spread without contact, and one viral nexus can infect many others. A virus also has no morals and infects indiscriminately – happiness for everyone, not just a chosen few.

And a final coda to my invention of choice.

It isn't an invention. It is a way of being. It is me writing this and everything I've ever written. It is the words I'll sing tonight and the connection I'll make with our audience (http://Monkey68.net ). It is the joy in hearing my girls laugh in another room, of the beauty of an unsolicited hug just to make my aching back feel better. It is in the reader who told me 'Do Sparrows Eat Butterflies?' changed his life.

So, the question becomes not whether the virus should be invented, rather are you willing to shut off the conditioned societal immune response that slows the existing infection?

In your life, where and why are you choosing not to pursue happiness?

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