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Plinky.com asked me to write a 100 word story without using the letter "e" in any words.

"Oh my…"


Maria; blank vacuum. Vacuous. Vascillation.

"Is that wisdom? Is it really? Really? Wisdom?"

"What?" says Maria.

Drawing a straw, I opt to ask again.

"That," I say, pointing at this aping shroud, "that… um… thing… Is that wisdom?"

Maria looks again; dismay.

"How could you?" Maria says, "I think that you should go, if that's all you can think about."


"Don't you know? I'm so…"

I hang on a winding whim.

"So… yours… Just yours. I'm yours."

I gulp. Blush. I had not known.

"But this shroud!" I blat out, awkward.

"FUCK THE SHROUD!" Maria raging, "it is nothing. Nothing. You and I; all that counts. You and I."

I look. Look and look and look.

Maria stands.

This shroud lifts.

"OK, Maria," I say, "You and I. Just you and I."

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