Heavy Massage

Plinky.com asked me to share a recent embarrassing experience.

I don't embarrass easily and don't remember the last time I truly blushed. So, I'll tell instead of a recent 'fear of embarrassment' episode.

As I'm restructuring my body to remove 20 years of corporate-life, I've needed to have focused myofascial release therapy on my back and left leg. It's painful, but makes a real difference. Part of the therapy is to feel for where pain and tightness is appearing – known as a triggerpoint – so that the therapist can go to work on those spots.

Only, it's a little hard to focus on what's truly a triggerpoint when you really need to break wind. So, for the fear of embarrassing myself by farting, I kept buttocks clenched for nearly 45 minutes – yielding several false positive triggerpoints along the way!

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