Happy Bokeh Wednesday!

Plinky.com asked me if I'm an optimist, pessimist or what?

Simply, I'm a human being. There are things about which I'm optimistic

[that it's possible to live a happy, fulfilled and connected life]

things about which I'm pessimistic

[that government of any flavour will do what's right for people at the expense of their own personal vested interest]

things about which I'm fatalistic

[I and everyone I love will die at some point]

things about which I'm realistic

[there will always be bills to pay, and dreams alone don't pay 'em]

things about which I'm narcissistic

[I have pretty nice earlobes]

things about which I'm chauvinistic

[and if you don't believe you are http://implicit.harvard.edu ]

So, on balance, I'll say I'm humanistic – I take my reality as the perception I'm choosing and, as I have the love of family and friends, and I'm now ironing out the long-standing kinks in my back and leg, things couldn't be better :o)

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