Check it out at Amazon asked me what’s on my winter reading list.

Well… erm… I don’t have a reading list, I just read anything (and everything) that seems interesting. I’m never short of several books by my bedside. It’s why I’ve held off getting a kindle or iPad – I’d end up with an immense list of titles (much like my Netflix queue) that I haven’t got enough life left to read.

All that said, I chose my second novel, Karaoke Criminals, because I definitely do need to read that again as I adapt it into a screenplay. It’s safe to say that I’ll definitely be stepping back into Miles, Roxi, Barry and Brian’s world again – and am relishing the return journey.

And, before anyone says it, I’ll say it myself – yes, this is a shameless plug for one of my own books. It’s a great read – I’d order a copy today, if I were you.

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