“Why?”, Mike Luckovich, Pulitzer-Winning Political Cartoonist (1 of 4)

Plinky.com asked me what is my favourite word and why.

I really wished
it were something weird
or complex
Such that only a lover
of dictionaries and thesauruses
[thesaurus’, thesauri?]
would know it exists

Some small part of me
of course
wanted a word
found only in
or obscure latin dialect

Why must an ego
pursue self-centricity?
Why should a word
be who I project?
Why would I care
what you thought of my word?
Why spend this time
to find that right word?

When all along
the word is clear
and always has been
for me

The word is ‘Why?’
I’ve asked all my life


The joy of the answer
The endless pursuit
Why people do things
“Why?” seeking proof

“Why?” is my word
or more simply
Always before me
always behind
these questions
that open my eyes
to the world

To receive the answer
when the enigma replies
“I’ll tell you what you want to know
just ask me ‘why?'”

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