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Plinky.com asked me whether I celebrate Halloween and why.

Well, celebrate is a bit of an odd word. For me, celebrations are parties, getting together with people I love to reaffirm their achievements or cares. I celebrate an anniversary, a birthday, a wedding, a year free from cancer.

Halloween? Well, it doesn't feel like a celebration to me. Doubtless, in times before modern interpretation of religious rhetoric there was some meaning attached to Halloween, probably the welcoming of winter is in there somewhere

[and yes, I could go and look it up, but my life's too short and brain cells are running out]

so it probably is truly a celebration.

Though I'll choose to say that we, as a family, participate in traditions of halloween – trick or treating, wandering the neighbourhood, gathering candy that will rot the kids' for weeks to come!

'Nuff said.

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