Dollar Bill Snail asked me what would be my #1 priority if I were president of the US.

On balance, I think it would be campaign finance reform. I would put in place complete transparency of financing and strict limitations on direct and indirect advertising/publicity for campaigns in all elections.

While this may not seem a pressing priority, I believe it is critical to eliminate the special interest focus that subverts democracy from the original spirit of "… for the people by the people…" and replaces it with "… for whoever pays the most, by whoever is best able to pull the wool over the general public's eyes…"

This is both a Republican AND Democrat problem; it is the whole system in the US. Every individual seeks to sustain their vested interest and, whilever being elected takes huge financing, then politicians will continue to jump into the deepest pockets. They are human and the lure of power is always seductive.

For a boy born and raised in the UK

[which is far from perfect]

where campaign finances are limited and the institution of the Party Political Broadcast enshrined, the 'money buys power' normality in the US is highly lamentable.

Without reform, it will only get worse. And that's why it would be my #1 priority were I PotUS.

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