Empty Room – Re Vamp

Pllinky.com asked me to describe the best Halloween costume I've ever witnessed in person.

Maybe it's just me – and I have a former colleague who plans Halloween all year, so it might just be – but I don't care for this achievement oriented view of the world. The best… the worst… the most obvious… the… well, it all sounds like a high school yearbook to me.

Halloween is, for me, an example of community bonding – when we step out of our own perceived protective boxes (houses, neighbourhoods, etc.) and connect with those who live beyond those boundaries. I don't particularly care what anyone's wearing – though our kids do like to dress-up and I'm more than happy to indulge them.

So, that's a long way of saying what I was originally going to write as a one-line answer.

What's the best Halloween costume I've ever witnessed in purpose? I'm not interested in answering – please come back tomorrow, when I hope normal service will be resumed.

[Like I said, it may just be me – if you're a costume high achiever please don't read this as any judgement on you]

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