Love to all my contacts* asked me what was the best compliment I'd received recently.

Actually, I got two yesterday for my post: My favourite Candy Candy by Guilty About Girls ( )

"Thinking out of the box again I see. Wonderful." (pkhawk)

"Great Response!! This is why I love reading you." (tfockler60)

As people and artists, we all grow to discover that what we do is less about us and more about who is receiving it. From our first introspective experiments – in whatever medium, story, song, poem, painting, sculpture – we seek to understand, define and claim our own experience.

Over time, we find that our experience may have resonance with others, that we share similar joy, pain, hunger and desires. And, if we're lucky, we find that we're able to place art into the world that brings further connection to our universal experience.

[note: I'm not claiming the post linked above is great art!]

My own epiphany regarding my writing and music came in 2001, through an incredible set of circumstances – which I'll one day write in full at – and I knew by the end of that year that I now wrote for whoever was reading my work, in the hope that I might improve their life in some way.

[I wrote about this at ]

In its own small way, each piece of my writing is a piece of me – loving, laughing and full of care – out in the world seeking only to connect.

So, when I receive comments like the above, I truly feel blessed to have had someone read, enjoy and feel strongly enough to let me know. I'll often respond to feedback that I am humbled – and I truly am that anyone would take the time and care to read my words or listen to my songs.

We connect because we seek, or seek to provide, love.

Thanks for reading, you have my love.


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