asked me my 5 worst vices. I thought of the things I couldn't give up no matter how hard I may try (not that I would) and, without further ado…

I really can’t help doing this one. No matter how hard I try, my lungs just seem to inflate and deflate in their own rhythm.

It’s like an itch. I just start noodling and, before I know it, some tangent has come in and got me thinking about more stuff.

I blame Mr Carr, my English teacher, for this. He once said to me “notice something new about your everyday every day” – I haven’t been able to kick the habit ever since.

Life is so absurd that I just have to laugh. The importance we accord to things that really don’t deserve it. I don’t laugh at people in pain (due to Vice 5), but everything else…

I can’t help myself, I love you and nobody else…

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