LOST: Holy Grail

Plinky.com asked me what's my least favorite cliché.

[though they didn't accent the 'e']

Well, I don't know that it's a cliché in the traditional sense, but I find myself saying to our girls "where did you last have it?" whenever they've lost something.

Even as the words are leaving my mouth, I have a visceral memory of how much that question used to annoy me as a kid. Like I hadn't thought of that, Mum and Dad!

And yet say it do I.

[now isn't THAT an interesting sentence – the scholarly among you can check if it's officially correct – it sounds right and wrong at the same time!]

And the most amazing thing is, even though I get a brief stare from the girls that confirms they feel the same way about the question, it does seem to help them pause long enough to think back. Then we're able to build a narrative thread of place, time and action and, soon enough, they've remembered roughly where said lost item will be.

So, when it comes to the cliché that's dancing on the tip of your tongue but just won't appear… "Where did you last have it?"

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