Broken Heart asked me which is the lesser of two evils: body odour or bad breath.

[though they didn’t use “which”, they used “what’s” – and, as ever, they didn’t use the ‘u’ in odour]

Have we placed distance
so far in between?
Our physical selves
in a virtual instant

Have we removed the touch
from contact?
An image of you
in bytes and data

Have we turned our back
on community?
Where touch and feel
solace for a moment

Have we erased the whole person
from memory?
Spirit, soul, mind
together, now apart

To equate physical symptoms
to evil incarnate…


The perfection myth
writ large
on billboards
magazine pages
scrolling banner graphics
“You will be wrong
if you do not buy this”
“You will be flawed
if the cut of your hem
dares an inch either way”
“You will be ignored
if you don’t play the game”

In the meantime
lost contact
spirals out
Internet randomness
And a million users
don’t wash
before logging on

[and for the record, BO affects me more than gingivitis – it can fill a room, like passive smoke]

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