Lomo dinosaur

Plinky.com told me that a giant meteor is headed toward Earth


and asked what I'd do with the last day of my life.

A while back, I wrote about our genetic wiring for fear – http://vincet.net/2010/10/04/whats-there-to-fear-its-all-relative/ – and mentioned that growing up we were very, very aware of the 4-minute nuclear annihilation warning.

So, I've asked myself this question many, many times.

As a child, my answer was to play.

As a young teenager, it was to go out and find someone with whom to lose my virginity.

As a young adult, it was to play my guitar.

As me now, it is simply to gather my family about me and spend a day loving, laughing and saying goodbye.

Should we survive the meteor strike? Well, then that means its not my last day on Earth, doesn't it? So, I won't spell out the post-apocalyptic landscape and our reversion to primal hunter-gatherer ways.

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